Robycam compact

Robycam Compact is a smaller version of the Robycam 3D cable-suspended camera system. Same as its bigger brother, the camera can move freely through space in vertical and horizontal dimensions allowing to shoot spectacular images from all viewing angles, that no other camera can achieve.

Robycam Compact is designed for use in TV studios and small and medium-sized sports venues, for example, basketball or ice-hockey halls. The winches of the system may be easily placed in venues with limited space still providing enough pulling force to maximise the working height of the camera.

The compact and lightweight dolly with a gyro-stabilised camera-head allow for the control of camera orientation as well as lens parameters. Robycam Compact is available both for fixed installations and in a mobile variant for multi-event applications.

3D mode

  • Four power winches are used to move the dolly within 3D space between the pulleys
  • Allows free movement in all 3 directions

Key features

  • Flying area of 80 x 80 m (260 x 260 ft)
  • Top speed of up to 4.5 m/s
  • Fiber-optic lines integrated into catenary cables
  • UHD options for Quad-SDI and double-fiber cameras
  • Integrated AR-camera tracking solution (no third-party equipment required)
  • Safety: Complies with DGUV 17/18 (former BGV-C1) German safety standard and all other major national regulations

2D mode

  • Two power winches form a working zone as a vertical plane between the pulleys
  • Suits for locations, where a lot of other equipment (e.g. lights) is obstructing the pure 3D operation


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