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Birds Camera Solutions’ systems are designed to cover all kinds of venues, including corporate facilities, conference halls, houses of worship, studios, arenas, stadia, sports venues and multi-purpose venues. Birds Camera Solutions offers a wide range of special camera solutions, from stand-alone remote heads to sophisticated cable aerial systems for small and large venues alike. Our systems cover productions in small studios, arenas and large venues.


We offer camera systems for purchase (only fixed installations) or on a rental basis to production companies, venue owners, production studios and sports leagues. Along with the cameras themselves we can offer comprehensive team support before, during and after the event, including rigging, assistance from our experienced engineers and pilots, and de-rigging. If needed we can also easily integrate external engineers, operators and riggers into our teams. With several different systems in stock, it is possible to fulfil the requirements of multiple productions simultaneously.


OUr systems


Albatross-250XL is the largest system in our portfolio. It is designed for use in large venues and sports productions, and it can cover areas up to 250 x 250 m. Like the other systems it employs four real-time controlled automatic winches and a sophisticated motion control system that allows for 3D operation and very rapid movement (up to 10 m/s in all axes). The system can be equipped with all common 2/3“ box cameras.



Falcon-100 is designed for use in TV studios as well as small and medium-sized sports venues such as basketball halls and ice hockey rinks. The winches of the system may be easily positioned in venues with limited space and still provide sufficient pulling force for the working height of the camera to be maximised. Falcon covers an action area of 100 x 100 m and may be equipped with all common 2/3” box cameras.



Colibri-80 is the smallest system in our portfolio. The dolly has been designed to be ultra-low in weight, with power supply via two cables meaning that it requires no on-board batteries. Weighing only 4.5 kg and with no issue regarding cable-sag, the system’s innovative design means it can be deployed in small studios and venues with low ceilings. Colibri-80 covers 80 x 80 m, while zoom and all other camera functions can be controlled using the provided software.




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