Special Motion System for Flying Cameras

Albatross-250XL is a special motion system for cable-suspended 3-axis gyro-stabilised camera heads. Sophisticated control algorithms of Albatross-250XL provide a unique opportunity to bring the camera literally to any point within the working area, while the camera head fully controls camera view angles with endless 360° pan and active roll with autohorizon. A synergy of these features allow Albatross-250XL to produce spectacular images, never attained before.

Together with the sophisticated remote control unit, that has access to the heads as well as to the cable system Albatross-250XL provides spectacular images. Albatross-250XL is a perfect fit for large events indoors or outdoors. It uses four real time controlled automatic winches and a sophisticated motion control system that allows for smooth camera movements in 3D and very fast movements – up to 10 m/s in all axes and covers action areas of 250 m x 250 m.


The camera heads fit with all different sizes, from jibs and cranes to micro- and studio-cameras. The heads are made of carbon-fibre and available in different models that impress with low weight, highest stability under the harshest production environments as well as the opportunity for movements in many direction. The heads can be equipped with all standalone broadcast 2/3” box cameras.


Since its introduction into the market the system gets a lot of attention around the world and has been used successfully in sports, concerts and other major events.


Key Features

  • Flying area of 250 x 250 m
  • Top speed of up to 10 m/s
  • Fiber-optic lines integrated into all four catenary cables
  • Compatible with HD/UHD and cinema cameras
  • Integrated AR-camera tracking solution (no third-party equipment required)
  • Safety: Complies with DGUV 17/18 (former BGV-C1) German safety standard and all other major national regulations


The system has been proved to comply with DGUV 17/18 (former BGV-C1) German safety standard and conforms all other major national safety requirements.
Setting working zone borders and keeping the dolly within is an inherent feature of the software.



Bidirectional transport of video and control signals is managed by fibre cables included in all four ropes of the system, providing ALBATROSS-250XL with maximum redundancy.



All systems can be integrated with all major AR systems to provide accurate tracking data of camera position, orientation and lens parameters.



The systems are modular which means they can be used flexibly in 3D and 2D modes. In both modes video signals and camera head controls are delivered to/from the dolly via fiber-optic cables integrated in the ropes.



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